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Jeremy Majewski
170 Arborway # 1
Jamaica Plain MA 02130

I live in Jamaica Plain, a suburb of Boston. I attended the Massachusetts College of Art, and received a Bachelor's degree in illustration in 1995. My art school education served me well at the art-supply store I worked at after school, and thereafter, in my capacity as an illustrator. Most of my employment has been as a production artist; clients include Vipah Interactive (where I created art for a children's interactive CD-ROM) and Shaws Lawson Associates (for whom I produced graphics for corporate web-based training materials). I currently work at Dartmouth Publishing, producing illustrations and graphics for a variety of college-level textbooks.

The media for most of the illustrations and paintings on the site are gouache, watercolor and ink (either on watercolor or tinted printmaking paper). Aside from the band posters, most of the work was done for America magazine over the last few years. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and more recently I began taking a lot of pictures as reference for paintings. Eventually, I became more interested in the photographs for their own sake; I use a variety of cameras – a standard 35mm SLR, a few Polaroid cameras (including one that I modified into a pinhole camera), and a few old 120 cameras Ive found on ebay and at yard sales.


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